How to use a juicer? (Step By Step Guide)

Juicers are a convenient kitchen appliance that can make fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t use your juicer as often as you should.

It can be tough to know how to use a juicer step by step, but juicing can become a regular part of your routine once you get the hang of it.

If your juicer isn’t the most-used appliance you own, perhaps some helpful tips and tricks will get you more excited about making juice.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to use a juicer step by step so that you can start enjoying all the benefits that juicing has to offer.

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How to use a Juicer (Step by Step):

Juicers come in various makes and models, and the specifics of how to use a particular juicer will vary slightly depending on make and model. However, some general steps apply to most kinds of protein shake blenders:

  • Clean your juicer before using it. Ensure to wash the parts of your juicer that come into contact with food in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • Cut up all your ingredients beforehand. If you’re using a masticating juicer, cut the produce into small pieces to make sure it can process through the machine.
  • Some machines have large openings that can accommodate entire pieces of fruit or vegetables, while others require you to cut produce into smaller pieces to fit inside the machine.
  • Put your ingredients in the appropriate place. For example, if you use an auger-style juicer, put the food on top of the blade assembly.
  • Add any liquid ingredients after placing solid ingredients on top of the blades. For example, for centrifugal juicers, put solid foods at the bottom and pour liquids over them before pushing down on the plunger or pushing “start.”
  • Different juicers will have different settings. Follow the instructions with your machine to choose the appropriate settings for your ingredients. For masticating juicers, consult your user manual if you can’t remember which setting to use for each kind of produce.
  • Some machines only require you to switch between “on” and “off” or “slow” and “fast.” For example, some high-end centrifugal models may have different pre-programmed speeds, depending on the type of food being processed.
  • If your machine has multiple speeds, don’t run it at full speed right away; gradually increase the speed as the machine processes the produce. This also applies to reverse functions if available on certain models.
  • Don’t use the reverse function on masticating juicers, but you can use it if your centrifugal model has one. In addition, some high-end machines have automatic pulp ejection functions that stop the machine when the juice is squeezed out.
  • Most juicers come with a plastic plunger that fits into the feeding tube at the top of the machine to help push food through. This can help make sure that all solid foods are processed thoroughly.
  • Consult your manual before using this feature to ensure that you are using it correctly, especially if using a masticating juicer or an auger-style design.
  • Clean up once you’re done processing all your ingredients, and serve immediately or pour juice into airtight containers and store in the refrigerator.



Here are some questions that people often asked about using juicer.

How do I know what setting to use on my fruit and vegetable juicer?

Different machines will have different settings. Consult your user manual if you can’t remember which setting to use for each product, or find out by experimenting with the machine. For example, some high-end centrifugal models may have different pre-programmed speeds, depending on what fruit or vegetable is being processed.

Is it safe to use the reverse function on my machine?

No, this should only be used on high-end centrifugal models. Using the reverse function on a masticating juicer can damage the machine. Consult your owner’s manual before using this feature if it has one, and only use it.

How do I clean my fruit and vegetable juicer after I’m done with it?

Most machines can be cleaned by hand with hot, soapy water. Some models are self-cleaning and have automatic pulp ejection functions to expel pulp after the juice is finished being squeezed out. Consult your user manual if you are unsure how to clean your machine before using it.


Using a juicer blender is not a difficult task, but it is a little tricky. By some steps you can use a juicer blender like prfessional. To use juicer blender you have to keep in mind some steps, and go are good to go to use a juicer.
If you’re interested in using a juicer to get more fresh juice into your diet but aren’t sure how to use one step by step, hopefully, this article has provided you with enough information for you to get started.

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