How To Eat With Spoon And Fork? (Easy Tricks)

Most of us learned how to eat with a fork and spoon without giving it much thought. But there are some subtle tricks to proper etiquette when dining with these utensils, especially for a special occasion such as a wedding. This is the place where everyone’s eyes will be on you. So if anything goes wrong, it could go viral in just moments.

When you have a meal at the dining table, your Fork goes on your left side. This is especially relevant for formal affairs. The spoon goes on the right side of your plate, to the right of your knife. If you need to set down or pick up either utensil quickly, you should keep this in mind.

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How To Eat With Spoon And Fork?

So here are my top tips for eating at a formal sit-down dinner:

  • At a seated dinner, wait until you’re served before unfolding your napkin and placing it on your lap. In an informal setting, you can leave the napkin folded next to your plate when you sit down because later, someone will come by and remove it from the table.
  • But at a formal event, the napkin is unfolded and placed on your lap to show that you have been served.
  • For silverware order, start from the outside and work your way in as you move around the table – not the other way around – which would mean you’re stirring either with a spoon or a fork depending on whether it’s a three-course meal or a five-course meal.
  • I was hoping you could note where I place my Fork and spoon in this photo: the ForkFork is on the left, the scoop is on the right.
  • In some cases, there might be two utensils at one spot if they are both used inside an element of one dish, such as when eating baked beans. In this case, start with the outer utensil and work your way in.
  • When you’re done with a course, keep your Fork and spoon on the plate to indicate that you are not yet ready for another serving of food.
  • In an informal setting, it’s outstanding to leave them on the table as long as you like–or even get up from the table during a meal–but at more formal events, it is expected that utensils remain on the plate until after everyone has finished eating.
  • Leaving them there means that no one else will be served, which is plain rude. To eat steak at a formal dinner, cut it into pieces before eating, not after. If you get invited to an event like this, get comfortable with silverware orders before avoiding embarrassing mistakes.
  • If you have to excuse yourself from the table during a meal, always place your napkin on your chair.
  • Just as utensils indicate that a course has been finished, folding up napkin signals that you are finished eating, and it’s time for everyone else to wrap things up too. Of course, you can also leave it unfolded if you’re stepping.
  • If you choose between a steak knife and a regular dinner knife, always go with the steak knife. It’s designed to cut through even the toughest of meats without mashing or tearing it apart too much.
  • Using a spoon instead of your fingers might seem unnecessary if there’s a dipping sauce for something like chicken strips. Still, I highly recommend using one anyway—and not just for any old situation where there’s some sauce involved.
  • If you ask me, that extra bit of sauce on my plate is just an excuse for more napkin-wiping action!. Don’t be afraid to ask the wait staff for a side plate so that you can share dishes with someone else at your table instead of having to ask them to pass it over constantly.
  • If you have a giant dinner plate, the chances are that people sitting across from you won’t be able to see what’s going on the other side!
  • Your bread and butter plates should always stay on the table throughout the entire meal unless a wait staff member has cleared them away. Don’t stack them up or try any fancy tricks like hiding them under your napkin or setting them aside.
  • There’s nothing wrong with asking for another piece of bread if the basket is empty, but this is usually something best saved for more casual events where small talk comes as naturally as breathing
  • When sharing food with someone else at your table, don’t let your Fork or spoon hover right over the dish in an attempt to snag a piece of food.
  • Instead, face them downwards so that it’s clear that you’re waiting for another opportunity to take some for yourself.



Eating with a spoon and ForkFork is not difficult, but it is tricky. Many people have no idea how to eat with the spoon and Fork. So that’s why we have concluded the best and easy tricks by which you can be expert in eating like others by spoon and ForkFork. We hope you like it!

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